Tondiraba 1-hour race

Tondiraba 1-hour race is a rollerskating endurance race suitable for skaters of all ages and skill levels. The aim is to cover as many kilometres as possible in 1 hour whilst skating at the speed that suits the skater. The race will take place on the 1.7 km Tondiraba circular track. The start will be open for exactly an hour and the finish will be closed after an hour is up. The distance according to the last lap will be recorded for participants who have skated for more than an hour and the exact time of arrival in the finish will be added to this.

  1. The Tondiraba 1-hour race is organised by MTÜ Rulliklubi in cooperation with the Estonian Rollerskating Federation, OÜ TopSport, sponsors and supporters.
  2. The Tondiraba 1-hour race will be held on: 7 September 2019 / according to the programme, starting at 13:00.
  3. TRACK location: the 1.7 km circle of the Tondiraba light traffic path, which is up to 5 m wide and has an excellent asphalt surface.

Address: Varraku 14, 13917 Tallinn.

Location on Google Maps:

See HERE for information on public transport connections and parking.


11:00 The competition centre opens, bib numbers are issued and competitors are registered on site

13:00 Start for amateur racers (average racing speed up to 25 km/h)

(In the context of the UusMaa Rullituur, the start for Rahvarull and Half-Marathon participants)

14:15 Start for sports class (average racing speed over 25 km/h)

(In the context of the UusMaa Rullituur, the start for Marathon participants)

14:45 Award ceremony

15:00 Award ceremony for the best competitors of the UusMaa Rullituur series


All amateur skaters who have trained adequately, have the required skills and can rollerskate without assistance can participate. There are no age restrictions.

Pre-school children may also participate if they have prepared adequately for the race and have the permission of a parent, guardian or trainer, who must stay by the track throughout the race to monitor the child’s physical condition.

During the race, it is possible to stop for rest in the designated rest area by the track if necessary. There is also a Saku Läte drinking station (self-service water coolers) in the rest area.


B/G 12 - born in 2007 and later - B/G places 1-3

M/F 14 - 2005-2006 -M/F places 1-3

M/F 19 - 2000-2004 - M/F places 1-3

M/F overall rankings - born in 2005 and earlier - M/F places 1-3

M/F 40 - 1970-1979 - M/F places 1-3

M 50 - 1960-1969 - M places 1-3

F 50+ - born in 1969 and earlier - F places 1-3

M 60+ - born in 1959 and earlier - M places 1-3





Participants can pre-register at

Pre-registration ends at 23:59 on the Wednesday preceding the day of the competition.

On the day of the competition, on-site registration ends 15 min. before the start of the respective race.

The starting fee will not be refunded or transferred to the next stages if a competitor withdraws from the race.

The participation fee will not be refunded if the stage is cancelled for reasons not dependent on the organisers.

The participation fee includes: a marked and guarded track, bib number, timing chip, luggage storage, use of the changing rooms and showers in the Tondiraba Ice Hall, result in the final rankings (only if a timing chip is correctly attached to the helmet and worn from start to finish), a Saku Läte drinking station on the track, and medical assistance during the race if necessary.



The distance and results are recorded with electronic chips. The distance is recorded in full circles. The finish will be closed after 60 minutes. The best result is achieved by the participant who skated the biggest number of circles with the fastest finishing time in 60 minutes. The rankings are recorded separately in different age classes.



A participant is entered in the final rankings if they carry the timing chip attached to their helmet and the bib number, which must be attached to the thigh as indicated in the guideline of the stage, throughout the race.

The results are published electronically on the website of UusMaa Rullituur at and in the portal.

The initial results will be published after the end of the race. Corrections will be made within five (5) days of the end of the stage and they will not be changed before approval. The final rankings will be approved on the Friday following the week of the race. Any protests made about the rankings after this time will not be reviewed.



Each participant is responsible for their safety and for not putting the other competitors at risk.
Each participant confirms by paying the participation fee that they are responsible for their health and physical preparation, and they participate in the race at their own risk. All participants aged under 18 participate in the race at the responsibility of their parent, guardian or trainer.

All participants (incl. children) are obliged to wear helmets. A participant who is not wearing a helmet will not be allowed to race. Skaters who are not wearing helmets will be disqualified. Skaters are advised to wear wrist, knee and elbow protection.

Medical aid is provided to those who need it by qualified medics in the marked medical tents at the competition centre.



Protests about the results, violations of competition rules, etc., must be filed with the chief referee in writing by sending it to the secretariat of the race by the end of the competition day. The cost of filing a protest is 35 euros, which will be refunded only if the protest is allowed. All protests related to the races will be resolved by a competition committee, which consists of: the chairman of the organising committee of the competition, the chief referee and members of the referee council of the ERUL speed rollerskating sub-committee (a representative of the member committee of the Rollerskating Federation that does not participate in the competition).


Items that have been lost and found can be collected from the secretariat at the finish. Please inform the organisers about any later observations by e-mail.



Any such issues will be resolved by the organising committee and/or the chief referee. The chief referee will publish the decisions as soon as possible at the competition site or on the website


Additional information:

Chairman of the Organising Committee

Jaanus Ritson

Tel.: 555 12 999

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