NEW IN 2021

New distances

As in all previous seasons there has been long distance, short distance and youth race, in season 2021 long distance will be split to offer racing emotion for more participants. The new distance names are Sport race and Hobby race; short distance will be replaced by public race and youth race will remain same.

  • Sport race - distance for strong amateur athletes and top athletes, which has EJL 1st category.  Required EJL or other country competitor's license.
  • Hobby race - distance for intermediate-level amateur athletes and systematically trained seniors. Top athletes with Elite, U23 and U19 age competitor licenses are not allowed to participate in this distance.
  • Public race - everyone's distance, ie the distance is aimed for unlicensed amateur athletes, where the best ones are determined, but which is also suitable for enjoying cycling at one's own pace.
  • Youth race - no changes compared to last year.

What distance to choose?

  • If you have competitor's license and in last year finished in long distance fastest 2/3 of participants -> Sport race
  • If you got result in last year long distance in the last third or in short distance first third -> Hobby race
  • If you are female competitor, M60+ senior competitor or If you got result in last year short distance in last 2/3 -> Public race
  • If you are M/N-U15, M/N-U17 or N-U19 age group competitor -> Youth race

Don't forget to check differences in awarding from the regulations.

No startgroups

As there are four different distances, no starting groups will be used. The start corridors will remain, but entering to there will be distance by distance. At first the first corridor will be used for sport race and the second will be for hobby race. After the start of sport race, hobby race will move to the first corridor and the second part will be used for public race. After the hobby race start, public race will move to the starting line and second corridor will be for youth race.

Different team results

From now on there is no need to sign up your team separately. Team size can be from three to unlimited amount of competitors. The results of every stage first three competitors of team will be taken count. For one team the team name inserted on registration must be identical with other competitors in same team.

Race number distance specific

From season 2021 no wristbands will be given, but the race number will become distance specific. If number is red it can be used for sport race, blue for hobby race, green for public race and white for youth race. THe race number is still valid for full season, but if participating in different distances, different numbers will be given.


Changes in result publishing and protests

There has been cases where participant notifies us couple of days before season awarding that his result in first stage is not correct. Editing results months after the race has been held is problematic, as the others have seen the results and also medals might be engraved with name. To make sure last minute changes in results will not be made, there are changes in filing protests:

  • Preliminary stage results will be published on the official website as soon as possible after the competition. In case of errors in the preliminary results, unsportsmanlike conduct of fellow competitors or the like, participants have the right to submit clarifications and protests within 3 days after the competition.
  • The observations of the competitors will be reviewed and the final results of the stage will be published no later than on the 3rd day after the competition. Protests received after the publication of the final minutes will no longer be accepted and the results will not be changed, even if there are previously unnoticed errors in the minutes. If a competitor suspects that his / her result may not be correct, he / she has the right to request a review of the results only until the final results are published - the final results of the stage are final.
  • After publishing final stage results also season results will be updated. The results of the general classification of the series will be declared final 7 days after the last competition of the series.

New stage

There will be 5 stages in this season but the Viljandi stage will be replaced by Jõgeva where the landscape is picturesque. For individual season result best 4 results will be taken account, for team season result, all 5 will be used.