Women's Inline Marathon

Distants: 42km
A special separate start and count for ladies!

The Women’s Marathon start has been introduced to ensure the safety and equality of women competitors in inline marathons. Women who compete for stage and series ranking points are not allowed to skate in front of or behind men. Safe regrouping at the end of women pace lines is obstructed by men drafting them, and unnecessarily influences the results of the Women’s Marathon! Women wishing to enter the Marathon to compete with men should ensure that, when doing so, they do not obstruct the Women’s Marathon in any way. If a protest is made against women competitors who are unfairly helped by men, the race organizing committee may penalize such competitors by relegating them behind the protester(s) in the final results. Women wishing to compete with men in the Marathon open class will be classified accordingly in the Open class results. Women competing in open class are not getting ranking points based on the Women’s Marathon results. The Women’s Marathon is a separate marathon competition, where ranking points are won based on a similar points table.


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