Series guide

Estonian Inline Cup (Uus Maa Rullituur) is Northern Europe’s largest inline skating stage race series, made up of  four stages with a variety of various race distances for skaters  in all ages and skill levels.

Our mission is to promote inline skating as a healthy and enjoyable summer activity for everyone as well as for children, adults, for fitness, hobby and competitive pro skaters. The series are located in different places around Estonia.

KIDS’ RACE is open to all kids on skates up to 8 years of age. It’s not about winning but participation. All the kids receive a reward – a medal plus a special reward either it´s sweets, soft drinks or a toy. 

Tutti Frutti MINI-MARATHON is for skaters up to 12 years. The winners will reach the podium and participants will get a medal, a snack-bag and participate in a prize raffle.

FITNESS SKATE is open to all skaters regardless of their level of training or experience. Fitness Skate is perfect to whose skaters who are just about to enjoy inline skating either chilling alone or joining their family and friends in pleasant and safe surroundings.

HALF MARATHON is a perfect competition for junior age groups (M/W 14/19). It´s also a great distance for every hobby skater to put themselves on test.

MARATHON is a competitive test of every participant’s sporting abilities. Inline marathons are the less exhausting one compared to any other marathon. It´s fun and executable for every active sportsmen.

1. Estonian Inline Cup is organized by MTÜ Rulliklubi in cooperation with Eesti Rulluisuliit (Estonian Roller Skating Federation) and OÜ TopSport, and other sponsors and supporters. All events are held in accordance with FIRS and WIC (World Inline Cup) rules.


2. Estonian Inline Cup 2017 STAGES:

1. 02.06.2018 - Kuressaare Inline Marathon

2. 30.06.2018 - Pärnu Inline Marathon

3. 21.07.2018 - Jõgeva Inline Marathon

4. 12.08.2018 - Tallinn Inline Marathon


9:30 Race secretariat open, start number collection and last-minute registration.
11:00 Kids’ race
11:20 Tutti Frutti Mini-marathon

12:00 Marathon mass start
12:01 Marathon mass start, WOMEN Race
14:30 Half Marathon mass start

14:31 Fitness Skate start

NB! Scheduled distances and starting times may vary according to prevailing conditions at different venue.

Exact details will be published in separate guides for each individual stage.










Boys/Girls, up to 8 years

500 m

in/after 2010

All participants





Boys/Girls, up to 12 years

1-3 km

In/after 2006

Best 3 boys/girls





Men/Women 14

21 km


Best 3 /MW

Men/Women 19

21 km


Best 3 /MW

Open class*

21 km

In/before 2009






M/W Open class

42 km

In/before 2004

Best 6 M/W

M/W 40

42 km


Best 6 M/W

M/W 50

42 km




Best 3 M/W



M 60

42 km

In/before 1958

Best 3 M/W


Fitness skating

10 km

In/before 2010

Raffle prizes


KIDS‘RACE: all who finish will be given a medal and other goodies!

Tutti Frutti Mini-marathon: age group three (3) fastest skaters will be awarded with diplomas and sponsors’ prizes.

HALF MARATHON: age group three (3) fastest skaters will be awarded diplomas and sponsors’ prizes.

MARATHON: age group fastest three (3) skaters will be awarded with prizes (accordingly as pointed out in § 4).

All finishers will receivel, drinks and a snack bag from our sponsors!

All finishers will be eligible for extra sponsors' product prizes to be drawn. .                                               


The OVERALL SERIES winners will be awarded prizes. The overall winners´ awards are given out at series closing ceremony.  

MASTER’S MEDAL. Participants who complete all four (4) Estonian Inline Cup stages will be awarded  with UusMaa Rullituur 2017 MASTER’S medal.

The top three (3) OPEN and WOMEN’S TEAMS will be awarded with prizes based on the overall results summed the all stages. No prizes will be given out based on individual stage results.



























After 2nd round
and on same day








10 €


10 €

15 €

20 €


25 €

30 €

35 €


30 €

35 € 40 €

The first round of registration is available for registration until 12 p.m. on the Wednesday 11 days before the stage.

The second round of registration is available for registration until 12 p.m.  on the Wednesday 4 days before the stage.

Last-minute registration will end 30 minutes before the start of each respective race.

Participation fees will not be refunded for non-participation nor transferred to any following stage.

Participation fees will not be refunded if an UusMaa Rullituur stage is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organizers (force majeur).


The registration  fee includes: marked and marshalled course, start numbers, electronic timing chips, baggage storage, competitors’ changing tents, official results (only if the timing chips is worn correctly from start to finish), trackside water station, electronic diploma and medical assistance as required during the race.

7. STAGE SERIES RANKING POINTS, individual ranking:

Ranking points are based on Marathon and Half Marathon results according to the ranking points table.

Competitors will be determined by the total number of points won over the respective distance in each stage, as shown in the points table.

The overall series winners will be determined by calculating the total of each competitor’s three (3) best stage results. In case of a tie, the number of higher places on the stages of each competitor will determine the winner.


Ranking points table:


1st place – 1000 points

2nd place – 984 points

3rd place – 974 points

4th place – 968 points

5th place – 964 points

6th place – 962 points

7th place – 961 points

Each following place earns one point less down to 468th place. Down from 468th place all participants will earn equally 500 points.


Half marathon:

1st place – 500 points

2nd place – 492 points

3rd place – 487 points

4th place – 484 points

5th place – 482 points

6th place – 481 points

Each following place earns one point less down to 387th place. Down from 387th place all participants earn equally 100 points.

Fitness Skate:

No individual points are awarded in the Fitness Skate. All stage finishers earn 100 points for their team if registered for overall team ranking points.

The Women’s Marathon start has been introduced to ensure the safety and equality of women competitors in inline marathons.

Women who compete for stage and series ranking points are not allowed to skate in front of or behind men. Safe regrouping at the end of women pace lines is obstructed by men drafting them, and unnecessarily influences the results of the Women’s Marathon!

Women wishing to enter the Marathon to compete with men should ensure that, when doing so, they do not obstruct the Women’s Marathon in any way.

If a protest is made against women competitors who are unfairly helped by men, the race organizing committee may penalize such competitors by relegating them behind the protester(s) in the final results.

Women wishing to compete with men in the Marathon open class will be classified accordingly in the Open class results. Women competing in open class are not getting ranking points based on the Women’s Marathon results.

The Women’s Marathon is a separate marathon competition, where ranking points are won based on a similar points table.


An OPEN TEAM consists of 3-5 members, both men and women, who belong to different age groups and compete in the Fitness Skate, Half Marathon or Marathon events. No team member changes are allowed during the stage race series, and each member may only belong to one (1) Open team. During the stage series, team members may compete over various distances and win points according to the respective ranking tables.

Ranking points:

The winning teams will be determined by calculating the total of three (3) members’ highest points, according to the Fitness Skate, Half Marathon and Marathon ranking tables respectively.

If Open team member(s) participate in the Women’s Marathon, the Marathon and Women’s Marathon results will be combined to create a joint results list based on finishing times. Team ranking points will then be calculated according to the joint results.

The overall team series winners will be determined by calculating the total of each team’s six (6) best stage results.

A WOMEN’S TEAM consists of 3-5 women, who compete in the Fitness Skate, Half Marathon or Women’s Marathon events. No Women’s team member changes are allowed during the duration of the stage race series, and each member may only belong to one (1) Women’s team. During the stage series, Women’s team members may compete over various distances and collect points according to the respective ranking tables.

Women’s team members may not be members of another team at the same time.

Ranking points will be calculated in a similar way to open teams.

Members of women’s teams may not participate in the Marathon Open class. Women competing in the Open class may however belong to an Open team.

10. TEAM REGISTRATION is free of charge and teams may be registered throughout the stage series.

Team members should register personally either for the whole series or for individual stages. Each team must be registered separately before entering the team competition the team registration is available on the registration form at . The name of each team must be distinguishable from those of other teams. The names of different teams from the same club must also be distinguishable from each other.
Open team or Women’s team members are not required to join any club – groups of work colleagues, friends etc. can form their own teams as they wish.

Team member changes are not allowed during the stage race series. Ranking points can only be awarded once the team is registered. Points previously won by individual competitors before joining a team are thereby not taken into account.


Competitions are generally held on closed roads where at least one single-directional lane is secured from all traffic. Turning points, crossroads and junctions are clearly marked and marshalled, and there are no dangerous descents. All courses are secured, safe and suitable, even for beginners.

The start and finish areas are one-way only!


MARATHON competitors start in a single group. 

WOMEN’S MARATHON competitors start in a single group 1 minute after the men´s start. 

In the HALF MARATHON, the first start group is reserved for Junior and Youth class competitors, and the second start group for Open class participants.

The Chief Judge reserves the right to make any changes to the start groups in order to ensure a safe and risk-free race. The paramount aim of the organizers is to ensure the safety of all participants.

Fitness start also in mass start. Fitness distants is for fun skaters, no awards given. 

Start numbers and race packets can be collected at the secretariat from 9.30 am onwards.



To obtain a finishing time and result, all participants must wear a start number and timing chips in the helmet throughout the race according to the instructions described in the guide.

The results will be published electronically on the UusMaa Rullituur Internet site: and

Preliminary results will be published after each stage. Changes and corrections are made no later than five (5) days after the stage has ended, and will not be altered without confirmation.

The final results will be confirmed on Friday, next week, after the stage. Any subsequent protests concerning the results will be disregarded.


All those participating do so entirely at their own risk, without endangering either themselves or other participants. By paying the participation fee, all participants thereby accept complete responsibility for their state of health and sporting preparations, and participate entirely at their own risk. All participants under 18 years old may compete only under the responsibility of a parent, guardian or trainer.

All participants must wear a helmet, including children. It is forbidden to participate without a helmet, and anyone found doing so will be disqualified and called out of the race track. Wrist, knee and elbow protection is highly recommended. In case of rain and/or slippery surfaces, the children's races will be cancelled. The decision to cancel a race will be taken no later than 10 min. before the start.

Competitors must always obey the course signs, instructions given by the marshals and the organizers, and the regulations stated in this guide.

Medical care is provided by qualified medical staff as required at the race medical tent next to the secretariat.


Protests concerning race results, infringements of race rules etc. must be applied on the same day and presented in writing to the race director at the secretariat. The protest fee is 35€, which will only be refunded after the protest has been resolved. All protests concerning the race will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the Chairman of the race organizing committee, the Chief Judge and all members of the ERUL (Estonian Roller Skating Federation) speed skating judiciary sub-committee (ERUL-affiliated club representatives who have not participated in the race).


Items can be collected on the same day from the secretariat. For further enquiries, please contact the organizers by e-mail.


Any other matters not covered by these regulations should be addressed to the race organizing committee and/or the Chief Judge. Decisions will be announced as soon as possible at the start-finish area or on the web portal:

More information:
Chairman, race organizing committee

Jaanus Ritson
Tel. +372 555 12 999

The series name sponsor: