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Kalevipoja Time Trial

Sun 07.08.2016
12:00 Marathon 15 km
13:05 Marathon - WOMEN Race 15 km
13:30 Half Marathon 10 km
14:30 Fitness Skate 10 km
11:20 Tutti Frutti Mini-marathon 2 km
11:00 Kids’ race 0.5 km
Jaanus Ritson, +372 55512999,


9:30 Race secretariat open, start number collection and last-minute registration.
11:00 Kids’ race
11:20 Tutti Frutti Mini-marathon

12:00 Marathon 15km, start by the start list
13:05 WOMEN 15km Race, start by the start list
13:30 Half Marathon 10km start by the start list

14:30 Fitness Skate start - mass start

Track info


 The race starts at Laiusevälja, Jõgeva Parish, Jõgeva-Mustvee road and leads towards Torma. There is a turnback in 7,5km. Half Marathon and Fitness Skate distances have the turn-back point in 5 km.


The competitors are not allowed to skate closer to the other participant than 5 meters. Approaching the other skater another track (minimum 1m on side) should be taken and pass the other skater on left side. Faster skater is allowed to let the forward moving competitor know so the competitor in front can move to the right side of the track for the coming competitor to pass safe. Passing the other skater please notice there has been minimum 5 meters front and back and 1 meter on the side direction between the skaters. 


All participants must skate only on their own lane of the track. It´s only allowed to dodge to the opposite lane while avoiding a bigger threat or accident and/or passing the slower skater infront and it will not cause any danger for the skaters moving in opposite lane.

Officials are right to disqualify the participant if:

- The Participant has caused a dangerous situation threatening his/her own and other participant´s safety,


All participants are obligated to follow the traffic rules, signs and signals received from the regulators and officials.

Entry fees


1st round

2nd round

After 2nd round and on same day








10 €


5 €

10 €

15 €


20 €

25 €

30 €


25 €

30 €

35 €

Other information

Other information


On arrival

On arrival to the race center please pay attention to signs and parking regulations. Parkingi is possible nearby the race center. To find the parking lot please follow the signs.


Race center

Use Google Maps to find the race center. The coordinates: 58°48'49.4"N 26°32'33.3"E The race center is opened started in 9.30 a.m.

Food: warm meal and refreshments are available on site operated by our catering partner.

Partners: Partners tents and sales points are opened at the race center started in 9:30 a.m.


For The Kids

Kids are welcome to Teddy-Bear´s day care and kids area. Trampoline by Batuudijuss is waiting for kids to have fun. Teaddy-Bear and Bunny will take care and play with kids. Teddy Bear is giving out Mõmmi soda!

 Start materials and registration

Start materials are available for taking out at the race center starting in 9:30 a.m. at adminstration. Please pay attention to the signs and notes at the administration about the race distances , materials etc.


 Inline Skate Rent

Estonian Inline Cup official inline partner is Rullibuss. Sportland Fitness skate (10 km) and kids race participants can rent the inline skates FOR FREE! To rent the equpment an idendification will be taken as a guarantee or 50€ deposiit for kids´ inline skates or 100€ for grown up´s inline skates. Protectiver gear and helmet are included. The gear and skates are not given out while raining or wet surface.

 SiS energy drinks and gels


Estonian Inline Cup Official Energy Partner: Sience in Sports (SiS) provides the competitors with neccesary energy products. All SiS products are available at Rullibuss.


Behavior on the track

Please be aware on Kalevipoja Race the marathon and half marathon stages are from private starts. The participants are sent to the track in every 15 seconds. On the track the competitors must skate solo – no groups allowed. Please find detailed instructions from Race Guide.

While passing slower competitors, please keep left while doing it. 
When hearing faster skaters approaching from behind, please be prepared to slow down, sit back, relying your hands on knees, and keep right – that gives more room for passing  and keeps everybody safe and sound.

When you notice escort car or motorcycle please be aware there is a group of faster skaters coming.

Please avoid sudden manouvers, changig directions and other unexpected moves. Before any manouver please make sure it´s safe looking back and around you.


Keep it clean

Please keep it clean in race center as well on track. Do not litter but bring your lefovers to the race center and find a trash pin. Even the gel package emptied on the track fits into the pocket to be brought back and thrown into the trash pin. Estonian Inline Cup is a family event where sporty lifestyle, and happiness are evaluated. Please apprechiate our values!


Outdoor toilet are located in the race center but there are never too many – escpecially shortly before the starts! So please take your time to find one and use it to be in start in time. Just in case, bring your own paper to be sure no unpleasent surprises. Sometimes the toilet papers form our toilette tend to mysteriously dissappear.



Fasten the chip on your leg as close to the ankle as possible. If the chip is not placed properly the Organizer won´t take responsiblity the data for finish protocol is received. After finishing please return the chip to the bus at the race center. You´ll receive a package with refreshments and drinks in return.  


Pre-registration is available at our WEB PAGE

Fees and specials are available HERE


Baggage Hold

You can leave your personal belongings to the baggage hold at the race center. Your number will be glued onto your stuff. To return your bag, please show your number. Baggage hold is free or charge.


Dressing Rooms

You find the dressing rooms at the race center, straight next to the baggage hold. The tents are separaate for male and female.



There are officially no showers at the race center but if weather conditions are favorable the little lake next to the race center is welcoming to fresh up after the race.  


In case of traumas or accidents there is a medical team Green Cross on site to give first aid and medical help.  Please find the medical point at the race center.

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