We will return to half-fixed starting times

The fixed starting times system we had to use in last season will be no longer in use. We will return to half-fixed starting times system where every participant will receive starting time but can start on other time also. Just during your start time, a participant has the privilege to start, even if there is a live queue. However, if the participant does not consider waiting in a live queue to be a lot, starting in a live queue is also allowed.

Continuing with fixed starting times

Due to the continuous restrictions, on this year fixed starting times system is used. This means that it is possible to start only at your marked starting time. We kindly ask you not to come too early to the race center and after the race not to stay to race site too long. By doing this, we can follow established restrictions.

On dual starts, the team members can choose, whether to start on first member starting time or on second starting time.

Changes in the results publishing and protests submitting

There has been cases where participant notifies us couple of days before season awarding that his result in first stage is not correct. Editing results months after the race has been held is problematic, as the others have seen the results and also medals might be engraved with name. To make sure last minute changes in results will not be made, there are changes in filing protests:

  • Preliminary stage results will be published on the official website as soon as possible after the competition. In case of errors in the preliminary results, unsportsmanlike conduct of fellow competitors or the like, participants have the right to submit clarifications and protests within 3 days after the competition.
  • The observations of the competitors will be reviewed and the final results of the stage will be published no later than on the 4rd day after the competition. Protests received after the publication of the final minutes will no longer be accepted and the results will not be changed, even if there are previously unnoticed errors in the minutes. If a competitor suspects that his / her result may not be correct, he / she has the right to request a review of the results only until the final results are published - the final results of the stage are final.
  • After publishing final stage results also season results will be updated. The results of the general classification of the series will be declared final 7 days after the last competition of the series.

New race trails

In every year there has been new location in the series and this year is no different. We will introduce new Ääsmäe race trail where this season final stage will be held.