Location of the Filtri phase has been changed!

Filter Tallinn Rollermarathon is inviting you all to the new track in Laagri. Since it is the last weekend before school starts, we decided to change the location of the competition so that the participants wouldn't hit traffic. 

The competition start is by the Maksimarket in Laagri, in the side towards Pärnu. The track has better coverage and is easier to rollerblade on than the one in Filtri. There's a parking lot right by the start so everybody can easily just roll to the starting point! 

The track and location maps: http://kaart.delfi.ee//?bookmark=6a01706be07568d6c5adb42f138cd57a

Information on how to get to there by public transportation is on the Rullituur.ee and Tallininlinemarathon.ee pages. The exact address of the competition is - Pärnu mnt. 558a, 76401, Saue vald, Harju maakond – Laagri Maksimarket!

Complete and be a part of the last big roller event of the season!

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